Rod Beach


Rod Beach, the Founding Director of Liberate, is supported by a tight-knit and unified management team. Captilising on the unique strength and eLearning experience of our management team enables Rod to offer our clients the highest level of personal support and undivided attention.

Rod's most often used phrase:

"User experience is critical!"

Chris Woods

Production Manager

Chris leads our large and geographically dispersed production team of up to 27 highly skill individuals. He serves as an educator and learning leader, developing training and core curriculum from inception to production rollout for a variety of universities and blue-chip companies.

Chris's most often used phrase:

"This is good weather for golf"

Pete Joison

Visual Design Manager

Pete brings a unique perspective to the management team. True to his area of expertise, Pete looks at things differently and can appreciate the stunning artistic creations and metaphoric concepts hidden in unsuspecting places. Such an unconventional thinker gives us an innovative edge as he has the ability to see abstract ideas and transfer these ideas into pieces of creative eLearning art.

Pete's most often used phrase:

"The new Apple device – I need it!"

Ashley Norriss

Lead Applications Developer

Ashley is our Apps and integration genius. Driven by a true passion for technology and application development, Ashley is always trying to push the envelope in regards to what new innovations can be achieved within the constraints of our client’s standard operating environment.

Ash's most often used phrase:

"Clear your cache!"

Lisa Smith

Project Manager

Lisa manages our priority clients and large-scale projects with partnering universities. Her experience in managing multimillion dollar contracts equips her to understand the political and infrastructure changes facing clients with a global reach.

Lisa's most often used phrase:

"It was delivered yesterday"

Darren Frisina

Graphic Designer

Darren is a seasoned user interface designer with a focus on user experience for learning via the web and mobile devices. With strong illustration skills and a passion for interactive design, Darren always works toward designing intuitive and aesthetically pleasing learning experiences for the end user.

Darren's most often used phrase:

"Good design is thinking made visual."

Melinda Brennan

Instructional Designer

Melinda is a technical and creative writer and editor that creates courses that stimulate learners through clear content and thought-provoking activities while at the same time fulfilling the business goals for the training. Melinda produces flawlessly designed content that enhances learning and maintains interest.

Melinda's most often used phrase:

"Have the stakeholders been engaged?"

Cherry Stewart

Senior Learning Advisor

Cherry is a high performing, experienced education professional committed to outstanding, fit for purpose practice, pedagogy and research. She is a results oriented leader and team member who inspires creativity and innovation in the development of learner-centred educational solutions.

Cherry's most often used phrase:

"What are the learning objectives?"

Amanda Finn

Instructional Designer

Amanda is the real-deal digital learning expert and senior instructional designer. She’s a highly skilled instructional writer and has a genuine passion for authoring memorable, creative and fun online and blended learning programs.

Amanda's most often used phrase:

"Learning needs to be fun!"

Nigel Thorne

Senior Developer

Nigel is a true HTML, digital learning and application development export. His greatest skill is listening to clients, immediately understanding what they want, and delivering online and blended learning solutions that fit like a glove. Nigel's understanding of the inner-workings of the university sector makes him a highly valuable member of the team.

Nigel's most often used phrase:

"I'm on-it; easily sorted"

Julie Kiniff


Julie is a highly proficient Executive Assistant and Finance Officer. Julie is the heart of Liberate’s operations and also works hard to ensure every team members is informed, equipped and provided with every opportunity to excel at their job.

Julie's most often used phrase:

"There's a system generated report for that"

Hillar Parbo


Hillar understands the interests and trends facing generation Y and Z, and is often described as having an old-soul. He’s an incredibly efficient operator, understands what the younger generation wants in the way of just-in-time learning, and manages a number of high profile client relationships and industry partnerships.

Hillar's most often used phrase:

"Making promises and keeping them is essential to making a brand."

Zane Brown

Training Manager

Zane is a senior Learning and Development advisor and Training Manager with over 30 years’ experience across most industry sectors, with a strong focus on the Vocational Education. Zane has a strong strategic learning consulting background and has significant experience developing and implementing curriculum streams and new learning initiatives.

Zane's most often used phrase:

"I'll get there earlier"

Melany Blackwell

Deputy Director

Melany has over 20 years’ in executive-level management and board governance, with extensive experience in a broad range of areas including project leadership and management, business strategy, finance and grants, retail strategy, large-scale infrastructure projects, policy development, marketing, internal reviews, audits, risk management, strategic planning and governance.

Melany's most often used phrase:

"Leave it with me; I’ll take care of it!"

Andrea Heyward

Senior Consultant

Andrea’s strategic HR experience includes transforming the HR function of one of Australia’s top universities from a transactional personnel function to one with embedded HR business partners and centres of expertise providing strategic capability to accelerate the university’s success.

She has developed frameworks for talent management, quality, performance management, leadership and onboarding and developed strategies and programs for internal mobility, global mobility and gender equity.

Andrea's most often used phrase:

"User engagement needs to be front of mind."

Nick Thorburn

Senior Consultant

Nick is a dynamic and experienced higher education management consultant, providing advice and services in strategic and operational areas of management. The variety of Nick’s work reflects skills and experience acquired in many functional areas in the university and schools sectors: governance, audit, review, legal compliance, risk management, stakeholder management, customer service, assessment, graduations, and community engagement and partnerships.

Nick's most often used phrase:

"Have the stakeholders considered…"

Neville Higgins

Learning Solutions Architect

A leading expert in his field, Neville has almost 30 years experience in learning design and development with Education, Government and industry clients. Neville specialises in the development of learning strategies, learning needs analysis, educational research specifications, project management, scripting, content research, change management, user interface design, instructional system design, multimedia design and quality assurance.

Nevvile's most often used phrase:

"Less is often more."

Our Dynamic Team

Having advised and supported some of Australia’s most revered universities, large government and private education institutions, our higher education specialists understand the key issues facing universities in today’s landscape.

We pride ourselves in selecting the best-of-the-best and our staff take great pride in their work. Collectively, we have over 400 years of experience. We are the only firm who can provide you with end-to-end business consultancy services – from HR and organisational development strategies through to digital and online learning services.

If you want a specialist higher education team of experts who intimately understand the education industry, choose Liberate Higher Education.

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